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In this day of world you see lots people out there with there children or even gradparents with there gradbabies I am one of those people I have 3 little kids my self and can related to all this in this world now we see lots of different people trying to get stuff for there kids and you all so see new ones about to start school like preschool or kindgarden or even first grade but the most part is getting there.

But you have to take your first steps like babies do when they start walking for the first time there is steps you have to take to show your kids or even gradbabies that you are there for them.

Newborn Babies

They need there mommies or even grandma more then any thing since we as parents feed them there bottles or change there dirty diaper or even change there clothes and bath them since they can’t do it them self just yet so they need there mom or grandmas to do most of this for them.

Age 1-3

They are just starting to find there words and starting to learn new things and stating to crawl and even walk at this point which is there first steps are more fun to see and they still need some support. This is where you will all so be potty training your little ones


Age 4-5

They are just now starting school in preschool so what do you do in your free time is to take a nap if you don’t have other kids and all so go through and see if you need to get them more clothes.

Age 6 and up

The age 6 and up these kids think they want more toys and friends as well.


Children of all ages they want toys, clothes, and even food all the time and when they get up in High school it just starts more fun since they get to go out for sports and art or even music.



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