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This is more to do with Baby toys and choosing the right diapers for the baby you have or about to have.

Newborn Babies Diapers & wipes

With being a first time parent you can choose from using different brands of diapers and baby wipes. it can be from this list or you can even choose to use cloth diapers.


2. Luvs


4.Parents choice

5.other brand

6.cloth diapers.

7.Baby wipes you have the choice to use Pampers, huggies, parent choice, Luvs.

The brand of diapers and wipes I use is Luvs then I use Huggies baby wipes which I fell in love with both Luvs and Huggies wipes and I use them a lot but you have to chose your own brand that is more comfortable to your baby skin.  I recommend Luvs and Huggies wipes but you might like the other brands.

Newborn Babies Bath time and Toys

Here is a never item is baby bath stuff and all so baby bath toys. You can get the Johnson baby bath or parents choice and they have rubber ducks or other little animals to make bath time fun. There is other toys like rattlers and all so I used the baby car seat toys that make music and you attach it to the car seat for the little one to stay calm and quit in the car ride home from the hospital and I use a lot was socks on there hands so they can’t cut there face up.

Newborn Babies clothes

Since with a newborn you don’t have to buy a lot of clothes since they do grow quick buy at least 20 to 30 pairs of clothes and you don’t need shoes in less you want them I used socks on my kids feet no shoes.

Newborn Babies feeding

For the first months you can breast feed or you can choice bottles but they won’t begin to eat food in tell they are 1 years old so they go through lots of baby milk what we did was using the Gerber oatmeal in their bottles to help them get full. You can get the Wal-mart brand bottles, and Target bottles or even dollar general bottles and you can use a breast pump to get milk and they normal come with breast milk bags to store the breast milk in them you can store them in the freezer or fridge but I all ways use the can powder milk here is a list of the milks you can get.

1.Parents choice



4.Gerber Good

5.Parents choice breast milk storage bags

6.Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

On the bottles I am recommend to get the Playtex or parents choice and Dr. Brown’s bottles they work very good and the Playtex bottles is how you can do your breastmilk to feed the baby and you will have to buy bags for the bottles as well.

Newborn Babies

Newborn Babies do take a lot of time with them since they need their moms for a while and they all so don’t sleep all night long you are normal up in the middle of the night with them and they all so pee and poop a lot and they do split up a lot which is normal and fine and lots of time they cry a lot since they want to be held but when they do sleep during the day is the best way to get your nap in with them so you can be fresh and ready to handle lots of dirty jobs.

mom and baby

Joyce Webster


  1. Hi Joyce,
    There’s certainly a lot to think about beyond the basics of toys and diapers, like which particular brand is gentler and comfortable compared to others. One other mention that I was thinking about would be the storage bottles or containers for properly storing breastmilk, since they’re going through that period of needing a lot of milk in those first few months.

  2. You make some great points here and I like your numerous options. With a newborn there are so many things to think about.

    I agree with you on the clothes. There is absolutely no reason to buy a bunch of clothes and shoes because they sprout up so fast and out grow all the things you buy. So, spending a lot of money on cute name brand items while they are small is not a great idea.

    I personally grew up on cloth diapers but these days things have changed so much. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

    • Thank you and yes things have change in this new world I remember where you can use glass baby bottles and now it’s more to do with plastic since glass does break but I am glad I may the post about newborns since they are more important in the world since becoming a new mom for the first time is very scary towards some out there.

  3. I enjoyed reading your article Newborn Babies toys, diapering. A lot of helpful information. I love Huggies diapers and Huggies wipes. I used them on my kids and now on my grandbaby. Thanks for Sharing.
    Warm Regards ~ Margaret

    • Thank you for sending me a message and I do use Huggles diapers and baby wipes a lot with my kids but right now my son is using Luvs since it was cheap to buy at Walmart.

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