This is more to do with all 6 different Holidays that are coming up here is the list for these Holidays.



3. Christmas Eve

4. Christmas Day

5.New years Eve

6. New years Day


There is an old wise tell saying Halloween was meant for Evil the Devil day of worship but there is something more to do with Halloween you can have a party at your house.

Even take little kids trick or treating where you get to dress up and look scary or even look like a princesses or anything you want to be for one night which is fun to do.

You get lots of candy or if you have a party there’s lots of food and music to listen to but you normal still do this type of stuff to keep kids happy and safe, you try to make your friends and family happy as well.

You can even do a camp fire where you can tell scary stories to scary your friends and family.



Thanksgiving is more to do with giving instead of taking and it’s all so fun together with family and friends to see what they have been up to these last few months or years.

But you normal get to have good food and good times to talk and hang out and you get to say thanks and have fun with people you love.

You get to see your kids play with other family members kids outside in the yard.

The most important part about thanksgiving is all so helping others during this time of year like if you have to much food left over you can share it with other’s that don’t have food and if you make to many pumpkin pies donate to help other’s that need food.


Christmas Eve

Christmas EveĀ  is very fun day you get to spend time with your friends and family and your kids.

Where you can change gifts and have music and food and watch cartons on tv with every one.

The kids can go outside and make snowmen and snow angels or play in the snow so the grown ups can talk together.

Some people wait in tell after family and friends leave where they can go and get the last minute Christmas presents for their kids to open up the next morning.


Christmas Day

This is wear you get to see your kids open there Christmas presents in the morning and have breakfast with them in morning.

Then normal you are getting stuff together to go visit other family members that day to eat lunch or dinner with them.


New Years Eve

You can have a fun day when every one comes to your house like your friends and family or you can go to a club.

Get ready to do a count down for the new year to come with your friends and family in less you can’t stay awake then you normal go to bed early and just say happy new year in the morning towards your love ones.


New Years Day

You can go do some shopping since normal Christmas items are marked way down so you can be ready for the next year to come.

Even you can just go out and do stuff with your family and spend time together that day.



It doesn’t matter what Holiday you do but it does matter if you spend it with family or friends this coming Holiday season always remember family and friends will stay by you if you are nice to them and spend time and listen to what they tell you for advice.





Joyce Webster

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